Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is one of the most exclusive and thrilling games available in casinos around the world and is especially popular with VIP Players and Asian gamblers. Visionary iGaming’s Live Baccarat brings all of the excitement of Macau inspired Baccarat to players via beautifully optimized desktop and mobile HTML5 game interfaces.

Our Live Baccarat features large HD video and multiple camera angels via picture-in-picture creating a visually appealing and cinematic experience unlike anything else online. Furthermore, Visionary iGaming is the only Live Dealer provider to use the same standard-sized playing cards as used in land-based casinos throughout Macau, which is vitally important to the trustworthiness of the game.

Visionary iGaming’s Live Baccarat has tremendous commercial success for our clients in markets around the globe, especially in Asian markets, and our unique and engaging approach to dealing will help your operation differentiate itself, increasing your overall revenue.

Live Super 6

We also deal Super 6, also known as No Commission Baccarat, as another variation of traditional Baccarat. Both Player and Banker pay even money (1:1) in Super 6, except when Banker wins with 6, it pays 50% of the bet (1:2). A Tie bet pays 8:1.

Super 6 Side Bet

There is a side bet offered as insurance to a Banker 6 win. Essentially the bet is that the Banker will win with a score of 6 and this side bet pays 12 to 1 if it wins.

HD Video with Picture-in-Picture

A large HD video with picture-in-picture and digital video mixing provides players with an unmatched level of trust as they follow the ball from ‘Place Your Bets’ all the way to the end result.

Big Road Variations

It is very important to Baccarat players to keep careful track of the shoe history. Visionary iGaming offers players all of the most popular methods to track history, including the Bead Plate, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road.

Dragon Bonus Side Bet

The Dragon Bonus is a Baccarat side bet that pays when the hand is a Natural winner, or when the hand wins by a at least 4 points. Players can wager on ‘Player Dragon’ or ‘Banker Dragon’.

Pairs Side Bets

Pairs Side Bet: A Pairs Bet is a side bet which wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker constitute a pair (10H, 10S). Players can wager on ‘Player Pair’ or ‘Banker Pair’ which pays 11 to 1, or “Either Pair” which pays 5 to 1.

News Ticker

All of Visionary iGaming’s game interfaces include an optional scrolling News Ticker which is displayed at the bottom of the UI. Operators can use the News Ticker to cross sell other products or events. If there is a big sporting event or poker tournament approaching you can customize the New Ticker to promote and cross sell your other products.

Standard Size Playing Cards

Visionary iGaming is the only Live Dealer provider that uses standard sized playing cards, the identical cards found in land-based casinos around the world.