Live Blackjack Early Payout

Visionary iGaming invented and patented a unique, one-to-many, version of blackjack which we call Blackjack Early Payout© (BJEP). With a 99.5% payout, BJEP is the highest paying blackjack game online and is only available through Visionary iGaming.

Common Draw Blackjack

Originally created in 2005, BJEP was the world’s first common draw, one-to-many, Live Online Blackjack game. From an operations standpoint BJEP was designed to be the only scalable blackjack game that can accommodate an infinite number of online players at a single table resulting in enormous economies of scale.

Early Payout

BJEP provides players the choice to opt out of a hand at any stage in exchange for an Early Payout which can be greater than or less than the original bet - depending on the dealer's ‘up card'. Players can choose to accept an Early Payout amount which is based on the expected probability of their hand at that moment in time. A player never has to bust a hand again, or worry about being outdrawn by the dealer. The Early Payout feature creates tremendous player suspense because the hands are always dealt to completion allowing the players to evaluate their own Early Payout decisions.

Side Bets

Two side bets are available on Live Blackjack which increase the overall casino hold for the operator:

  • Pairs Side Bet: Enables players to bet that their first two cards will be a Pair (3C and 3H).
  • Rummy Side Bet: Enables players to bet that their first two cards plus the Dealer’s Up Card are a Rummy. Winning Rummy hands are either 3 cards of the same Rank (e.g. 4H, 4S, 4D), 3 cards of the same Suit (e.g. AH, 4H, 10H), or a 3 card Straight (e.g. 3H, 4D, 5S).

Highest Paying Blackjack Game

BJEP allows players to play like professionals because the game automatically follows Basic Strategy. It is marketed as the Highest Paying Blackjack Game, because by sticking to Basic Strategy the player maximizes their probability of winning on any given hand and brings the payout to 99.5%.

News Ticker

All of Visionary iGaming’s game interfaces include an optional scrolling News Ticker which is displayed at the bottom of the UI. Operators can use the News Ticker to cross sell other products or events. If there is a big sporting event or poker tournament approaching you can customize the New Ticker to promote and cross sell your other products.