Live Blackjack

At Visionary iGaming we are blackjack professionals and we have designed the fasted, most authentic, and feature-rich Live Blackjack game available online. Every element of the game has been optimized to bring the player a real Vegas-like experience.

Players select one of the 7 seats available and watch the game unfold before their eyes via full screen HD video. It is a highly entertaining and social experience where players chat and interact with both our professional Live Dealers and with other players at the table. Each player is in complete control of the outcome of their own hand and can elect to Hit, Stand, Double-Down, or Split.

Choose Ahead

Most Blackjack players know the action they want to take before it is their turn. To speed up the game players can Choose Ahead, making their decision as soon as all the cards are dealt. This feature significantly speeds up the game which in turn maximizes the number of hands per hour for the operator. More games per hour results in more revenue!

Back Betting

If there are no seats available at a table or if a player simply wants to have more action, they can make bets on other player’s hands by using a feature called Back Betting. This feature allows for an unlimited number of players to bet behind the main 7 players seated at any given Live Blackjack table. This feature turns 7-seat Live Blackjack into fully scalable game with huge revenue potential!

Side Bets

Two side bets are available on Live Blackjack which increase the overall casino hold for the operator:

Pairs Side Bet: Enables players to bet that their first two cards will be a Pair (3C and 3H).

Rummy Side Bet: Enables players to bet that their first two cards plus the Dealer’s Up Card are a Rummy. Winning Rummy hands are either 3 cards of the same Rank (e.g. 4H, 4S, 4D), 3 cards of the same Suit (e.g. AH, 4H, 10H), or a 3 card Straight (e.g. 3H, 4D, 5S).

Tip Bet for the Dealer

Players can also place a Tip Bet for the Dealer where in the event that the player’s hand wins, the casino will double the tip for the dealer.

News Ticker

All of Visionary iGaming’s game interfaces include an optional scrolling News Ticker which is displayed at the bottom of the UI. Operators can use the News Ticker to cross sell other products or events. If there is a big sporting event or poker tournament approaching you can customize the New Ticker to promote and cross sell your other products.

Standard Size Playing Cards

Visionary iGaming is the only Live Dealer provider that uses standard sized playing cards, the identical cards found in land-based casinos around the world.

Protecting the Table

In the event that a player loses connectivity or times out during the live game, any bets made will remain in play as they would in a land based casino resulting in a win, loss, or push.

If a player fails to respond within the allotted time for any reason it will result in the hand being completed according to the optimal player strategy known as Basic Strategy. Completing a hand which has lost connectivity or timed out is done in the player’s best interest and to serve those back betting on the hand.