Live Social Casino

The rapid growth of social gaming has seen the rise of many successful social casinos, few of which offer a Live Casino experience where users can play, chat, and interact with Live Dealers. There is no other igaming product on the market that is more social that interacting with Live Dealers and intermingling in a community chat. In such a fast growing market, social gaming companies are constantly searching for new content to differentiate themselves and to attract new users, and Live Dealer is the perfect match.

Visionary iGaming’s Live Social Casino is the first Live Dealer solution with the necessary infrastructure and capacity to service large social operators. We have the proven ability to support 15,000 concurrent users (CCUs), which translates to approximately 1 million monthly active users (MAUs), and our platform can easily scale.

With many years of real-money experience, Visionary iGaming’s experienced team will work hand-in-hand with the Product Development teams of social gaming operators to effectively monetize the live product and maximize revenues.